The Strokes – Angles (2011)

The Strokes - Angles

I have to admit that my expectations for this album weren’t too high. Five years since the last album, dodgy solo albums, band hardly speaking to each other, terrible 80s cover. Hadn’t listened to their last album much either.

But this is kinda cool. First listen – yeah it’s ok, bit 80s. Snappy songs though. Short, so it gets an immediate repeat. Second listen, yeah it’s starting to grow on me. Too lazy to put on another album, so repeat. Third listen. Yeah I think I like this now.

So what do you think? I’ll be giving this a few more goes I think.



3 thoughts on “The Strokes – Angles (2011)

  1. It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed since The Strokes’ much lauded debut album. I didn’t quite understand the hype then which probably means it comes as no surprise that I’ve not been blown away by their new offering. It’s certainly better than their last couple of albums but that’s not exactly high praise. Some great guitar work but overall I find this a bit…….Meh……

  2. I fecking hate the Strokes…They have annoyed me from the very start. don’t get me wrong I love the sound on This Is It, but if they were from anywhere other than New York, they wouldn’t be classed as cool and been dumped by their label ages ago…okay rant over.

    Better than the dreadful last two offerings but just is a bit limp compared to what they could have become. Both the solo albums to come out of the Stokes have been terrible as well…okay maybe the rant wasn’t over.

    I do like Under The Cover of Darkness though…a bit of a quirky sound which is cool.

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