The Tallest Man On Earth – The Wild Hunt (2010)

(Stu’s Album of the month for August)

The Tallest Man On Earth is Sweden’s Kritsian Matsson, and this is his second album. I bought this record recently and it has been in heavy rotation. As with most vinyl nowadays it came with a free MP3 download so I can share it with you chaps.

If this is your first listen to The Tallest Man On Earth you’ll instantly understand why he has been labelled the Scandinavian Bob Dylan. Although that may mean that Manny is less than impressed with this as I know Mr Dylan isn’t one of his favourite artists. I’ll be keen to know what you make of this fella.

Sprinkle in a smattering of Springsteen-esque tunes and this makes it one of my favourite purchases of the year. Had I discovered this album last year it would have been sure to make my Top 10 of 2010.

So what do you make of it? And as a side……who would your favourite Swedish artist be? I’d have to say Kent are still top of the Swedish Super League for me. But can we all agree now that if anyone says Abba they shall be blocked from viewing and contributing to this blog with immediate effect.


2 thoughts on “The Tallest Man On Earth – The Wild Hunt (2010)

  1. Top Swedish band eh? Ummm…. Roxette? No wait, ABBA. Oh yeah – against the rules. I’ll go for the Cardigans then. Love her voice and some pretty strong albums.

    I’ll give this album a listen and let you know what I think.

  2. I liked this album and definitely worth a few more listens.

    Top prize for the best band name ever by the way.

    Fav Swedish musician would have to be Europe (its The Final Countdown)….only joking – The Hives.

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