Hard-Fi – Killer Sounds (2011)

Tired Pony - The place we ran fromI love a bit of Hard-Fi I do! Third album from the band from Staines and they just keep on getting better in my book. A bit of British indie rock with attitude.

Every time I listen to their albums I think they can’t beat that with the next album but they keep doing it.

Stars of CCTV has their biggest album to date, with their second album Once Upon A Time In The West a good offering but it didn’t get flash reviews.

Really like the start of Killer Sounds, Good For Nothing is a cracking first track and Bring It On is also a stand out. Fire In The House is the second single from the album so probably not catchy enough to give it the push it needs.

Anyway what you think?



2 thoughts on “Hard-Fi – Killer Sounds (2011)

  1. Yeah….I like Hard-Fi. I guess its hard not to really. Catchy rock guitar tunes are always going to get my vote. Having said that, whenever I see them play on TV, or in their videos it almost feels like I’m watching a bunch of high-school teens pretending to be rock stars. The lead singer seems to lack any charisma. Ah well……I guess some bands are just better on the ipod.

    After a few listens I think this album will stand up well against their previous offerings. It sounds a bit over-produced in parts but on the whole a solid effort. All being said though, I very much doubt people will be listening to Hard-Fi 30 years from now and commenting how great they were.

  2. I’m glad I read the review and comment above before dismissing this album as total crap. The first listen was such a huge disappointment. But I stuck with it. Now it’s on heavy rotation, and was quite a nice accompaniment on a recent road trip. It’s not nearly as good as “Stars of CCTV.” IMO, I thought they probably spent a little too much time partying in Ibiza, unduly influenced by the club beats. But I’ve since come around in my thinking.

    Favorite track: Bring It On

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