George Harrison – All Things Must Pass (1970)

The album that ended the Beatles? Some believe that the success of this album caused Paul McCartney to take Apple to Court in order to dissolve the Beatles contract and keep all profits from his debut solo album for himself.

Either way this album proved that they could go it alone and the Beatle that had developed the most over the late 60s really had some gems up his sleeve.

I’m sure everyone know My Sweet Lord after being reissued following his death, but other stand out tracks include the title track, and the cover of Bob Dylan’s If Not For You.

George had lots of help with this album including guitars from Eric Clapton, drums by Ringo, organ by Billy Preston, co-songwriting with Dylan and production by Phil Spector, but for me this album brings to light the true genius of Harrison.

Looking forward to the Scorsese documentary out next month!

I dig Love!!!!


2 thoughts on “George Harrison – All Things Must Pass (1970)

  1. Yeah…..a great album. I’m not sure if you’ve uploaded the 30th anniversary edition, but if not I’d recommend hunting this out as the remastering done on that release is excellent.

    To be honest, other than All Things Must Pass I’m not a massive fan of George Harrison’s solo stuff. I find most of his other albums a bit bland. However his 2002 release, Brainwashed, is certainly worth a listen.

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