The Avett Brothers – I and love and you (2009)

The Avett Brothers - I and love and youThis is a seriously lovely album. Doesn’t sound like much of a recommendation does it? But it is great! One of those ablums where once it has finished you stick it straight back on again. Most of the songs sound the same as the last one, but when the last one was superb, what’s the problem?

I first a song from the album on the NPR All Songs Considered podcast (it’s one of the two podcasts I listen to regularly) and liked it. Then my flatmate Carlee bought the album and since then it hasn’t left the stereo much.

What kind of music is it? Sweet harmonies, a little bluegrass, a bit country. Not much for the metallers out there (which I used to be!). But I’ve mellowed a little…


2 thoughts on “The Avett Brothers – I and love and you (2009)

  1. An interesting album for sure with some really nice tracks on there. In fact some of their songs sounded a bit Mumford and Sons, which is no bad thing for me. However, if I had one thing to say against it is that it almost sounds like a compilation as there are quite a few different sounding tracks. There doesn’t really appear to be any flow to the album.

    All in all, a good album though. I’ll definitely be giving this a few more listens over the next week or two.

  2. My workmate gave me this album after I fell in love with Mumford and Sons. Looking at the album art I thought it would be bad and I couldn’t imagine what type of new agey music it might be, but I love love it. Apart from Track 2 – January Wedding, which doesn’t seem to fit. The rest I really like. Slight Figure of Speech, Tin Man, and Incomplete and Insecure most of all.

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