The Kooks – Junk of the Heart (2011)

ummm…I liked the Kooks first album Inside in, Inside Out. Perhaps it was a time and place sort of thing but I thought they had some potential.

Since that album their follow up Konk was a woeful collection of songs that didn’t seem to have any direction, so I deleted it after a few listens and for me to delete an album is quite rare.

So I seen this album had been released and decided to give them one more chance. For me the Kooks first album was good because it had a bit of edge and fitted in well with the culture in Britain at the time. But with this album there just doesn’t seem to be any creative direction or even any purpose at all, instead a collection of some whiny songs.

Anyway maybe I’m being too harsh…whats your thoughts before I hit delete???


5 thoughts on “The Kooks – Junk of the Heart (2011)

  1. I really liked Inside In, Inside Out and I actually didn’t mind Konk either. It wasn’t the best album ever but I thought it was a jaunty enough summer listen. This however is really, really bad. It’s just a collection of nothing songs. I actually got bored the first few times of listening to it. And another couple of listens later……its getting even worse.

    So Mork…..if you deleted Konk…….well……I can only advise the incinerator for this.

  2. Hmmm…maybe it’s my very happy mood as of late. But after a couple of listens I find this quite enjoyable. It very much reminds me of that quintessential Brian Wilson-inspired California Pop sound. You know, the sound poached by others like Rooney, June & The Exit Wounds, Josh Rouse, and in some instances, Phoenix? Sunny, breezy, car top down fun-ness. It might become entirely forgettable. But for now, it’s working for me.

    I think the New Zealand winter’s gotten to you guys. Lighten up! 🙂

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