Kasabian – Velociraptor! (2011)

I tell you what…I’ve been waiting for this album for a while!! Yep the new Kasabian album is their fourth and most anticipated to date.

I am a big fan of West Rider Pauper Lunatic Asylum and its psychedelic sound and it was a big hit for the band so Velociraptor had to be good follow up. I have to say after two listens I feeling it but I wouldn’t go as far as the band have and say its a life changing album.

Stand out tracks include Days Are Forgotten, Velociraptor, Re-Wired, and the first single from the album Switchblade Smiles. I wouldn’t say there is a song on this album that is as catchy as Fast Fuse or Fire, but I still think that there is a good collection of songs here.

Perhaps the lack of (or cut back) in drug taking during the making of this album has soften the band a bit but they are still producing interesting sounds that no one else out there is capable of or willing to push the boat out that extra mile to achieve.

Good offering but would probably end up as my third preference Kasabian.

Velocripator he’s gonna find ya, he’s gonna kill ya, he’s gonna eat ya!!!


3 thoughts on “Kasabian – Velociraptor! (2011)

  1. Funny…..I got the Kooks and Kasabian albums yesterday. Great minds eh! As for Velociraptor….well, I think I’m going to give it a few more listens before I make a firm statement. However, I have to say the title didn’t fill me with confidence. However, there are some instantly likeable tracks on there as you mention. Although the opener made me double check my iPod as I’d thought I’d pressed Last Shadow Puppets rather than Kasabian! So far though I’m going with your No.3 rating on this album.

    Out of interest, would your Top 4 order of albums be like mine :
    1. Kasabian
    2. West Ryder PLA
    3. Velociraptor
    4. Empire

  2. I would actually rate them as follows:

    1. West Ryder
    2. Kasabian
    3. Velociraptor
    4. Empire

    Did you read how Sergio came up with the title:
    “velociraptors used to hunt in packs of four so they are the rock n roll band of the dinosaurs”. Awesome reasoning!!

  3. Against all odds (well in my mind at least) I like quite a few songs off this album. The first half is much better than the second half. Re-wired is great though.

    I always expected Kasabian to be much louder, more metally and generally more rock n roll. I mean they certainly look the part, just don’t sound like they look. Not that this is a bad thing as the music is cool. I just feel like reporting them to the UK’s Trade Descriptions Act people. 🙂

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