Matt Langley – Featherbones (2010)

A friend put me onto this guy. His exact words were: “He’s the New Zealand Ryan Adams”. So with a comment like that how could I not spend some of my itunes money.

Featherbones was first released in 2010 so has received all the air play its going to get and been toured around the country. Its his second offering with his first an EP titled Lost Compositions recorded on the Kapiti Coast and Wellington in 2007.

I have to say I fell in love with his voice the first time I heard it and this album has just grown and grown on me. I love the opening track Ride It Out, Let It Go Now and Everybody Knows, but for me the best track on the album is I Don’t Believe It.

I went to see him play second on the bill at a gig at St Peters hall in Paekakariki (a cracking little venue of no more than 100 people) and with just him and an acoustic guitar he had the whole crowd up dancing. A great song writer and performed who I’m sure with a bit publicity could do great things.

Hopefully a follow up album isn’t too far away…


3 thoughts on “Matt Langley – Featherbones (2010)

  1. I was really looking forward to this given the high praise received. After a couple of listens I’m not exactly disappointed, but not blown away either. This is a decent album from a Kiwi talent who clearly deserves more national acclaim than he has, but I do wonder if a)I would give it as much rotation if Matt Langley was from Dunstable rather than Dunedin and b)I will still be listening to this in a year or two. I suspect the answer is no on both counts.

    However, for the time being its fine.

  2. He’s playing the mighty Paekakariki St Peter’s hall again next week so I’m going to along to support…Not with a guitar and harmonica and backing band..well maybe one day but just with a six pack this time 🙂

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