Ryan Adams – Ashes & Fire (2011)

Well its that time again folks…when we’re all divided over the genius of Ryan Adams. So this is like his millionth album in the last ten years but his first since the split up of the Cardinals.

First listened to Ashes & Fire streaming over the net at work writing some useless documents so it was quite nice and relaxing. Second listen was at home making myself busy around the house so again was quite relaxing.

Its definitely a return to the country roots and harks back to the gold or easy tiger sessions. I don’t think it’s going to set the world on fire, perhaps he needs to return to the drink and drugs, but still a good offering.

Stand out track: Chains of Love.


3 thoughts on “Ryan Adams – Ashes & Fire (2011)

  1. You could probably listen to the Ryan Adams back catalogue and find a direct link and influence on what was going on his private life at that particular moment. The rabble rousing years are definitely behind him and this is an album from a content Mr Adams. I like it. Its definitely not his best album, but its a solid album and an enjoyable listen.

    Keep on rollin ’em out Ryan!

  2. Wow! I never thought it would happen. He’s FINALLY made an album that is as almost as good as Heartbreaker and Gold. Seriously, I’d pretty much given up hope. There were certainly some good moments inbetween – mainly on Cold Roses. And the gig with the Cardinals was great too.

    But this time, he’s written some great songs. Not all hit the spot, but mostly it’s there. His voice is so pure – surely one of the best singers around at the moment. And he sounds like he means it (maaan). Lucky Now is my favourite. I saw him perform it on Later with Jools Holland and thought ‘I must listen to that album’.

    Shame he’s not coming to Wellington. Anyone fancy a trip to Dunedin? 🙂

  3. I liked the performance with Neil Finn on the bbc songwriter show…two stroppy musicians on stage what could go wrong.

    Wish he was coming to Wellington..hummm Dunedin….

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