Noel Gallagher – High Flying Birds (2011)

Given my love for all things Oasis it probably comes as no surprise that I have been looking forward to this album all year. So……was it worth the wait and is it actually any good. Well, after many listens I have to say yes, it’s a really good album. Noel Gallagher is one of our generations best song-writers, and when it comes to creating instantly likeable songs, but more importantly, songs that last the test of time he’s the man. And he doesn’t disappoint on his first solo release. Yes, it sounds like an Oasis album but does that really come as any surprise. Beady Eye called on the swagger and rock and roll of Oasis, and Noel has naturally opted for the heart and soul with his solo effort.

If I was being critical I would say it probably sounds TOO much like an Oasis album. I was hoping he might stray a bit from his usual sound, perhaps experiment a little and release something that we didn’t expect. I guess he could take a leaf out of Damon Albarn’s book in that respect.

Anyway, all being said this is a solid debut solo album. Just give us something different next time round Noel!


6 thoughts on “Noel Gallagher – High Flying Birds (2011)

  1. Heard one of the songs from this album on the radio yesterday and I actually thought ‘Hey this is pretty good’. Not being a huge Oasis fan this surprised me. 🙂 So look forward to listening to this album when I get a chance.

  2. I quite like this album…The first few listens I was a bit disappointed that he’d just recycled Oasis demos (In My Record Machine’s been around since 2008) and stuff that never got released.

    He’s definitely talented but think the next album will be make or brake..

    So the big question…Beady Eye v High Flying Birds…which album was better??

    • That’s an interesting question as they are two very different albums. The Rock and Roll of Beady Eye vs the melodic Noel Gallagher’s HFB. I’d say that there are some better, instantly likeable tracks on the Beady Eye album, but I think Noel Gallagher’s will stand the test of time.

      What say you?

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