John Grant – Queen of Denmark (2010)

Been meaning to put this up for a while. On the surface he’s a singer songwriter, mostly on the piano. However, his lyrics really stand out – and I’m not a lyrics guy at all.

But with lines like ‘I feel just like Sigourney Weaver, when she had to kill those aliens’ and ‘I regret the day your lovely carcass caught my eye, baby you are where dreams go to die’ it kinda makes you sit up and take notice.

His voice is low but not too gravelly (no Tom Waits here). The songs are fabulous. This album got best album of the year (2010) in Uncut or Mojo and I can see why. It’s pretty different from the rest.

I think Stu might really like this one. Not sure why, just a hunch.


3 thoughts on “John Grant – Queen of Denmark (2010)

  1. Your hunch was on the money fella. I hadn’t heard of John Grant before but wow! What a great album. From the first listen I enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve heard it a few times now and it just keeps getting better. So simple but with a haunting sound and, in parts, humorous lyrics. I’m listening to the album again as I write this comment and it has just put Isla to sleep…….so it just gets better and better!

    Where Dreams Go to Die is probably my favourite track. Cheers Keef. A superb choice and exactly what this blog is all about.

    • Glad you liked it Stu. Yeah he was pretty good on the BBC Songwriters Circle too. Reminded me of how much I liked him. He was on with James ‘Piri’ Bradfield. Who was also quite good. 😉

  2. I actually saw John Grant open for another band last year to promote this album. At the time I had never heard of him. And though his lyrics immediately got my attention during the show, it didn’t make me rush out to look him up. I’m glad you did the work for me, Keith, ’cause this is a great album. It’s sort of like Barry Manilow sprinkled with Zach Galifianakis’ standup comedy. Truly demented.

    Favorite track: “It’s Easier,” one of the most devastating tracks I’ve heard in a while.

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