Barnaby Weir – Tarot Card Rock (2010)

This album came out last year and I kind of let it pass me by until I heard the title track on a net radio shuffle at work.

I am a big fan of the Black Seeds material and the stuff Barnaby does with Fly My Pretties so was surprised when I listed to this album for the first time that its completely in a different direction.

I seen an interview with him on youtube for the promo of this album and he said he was always influenced by American culture and music and you can get the country rock vibe thats come across with this album.

Definitely influences from Springsteen, Tom Petty and Dylan on this album so I’m always gonna be a fan of that!! The title track was the single released from the album and interestingly the video was filmed at Bodgea.



2 thoughts on “Barnaby Weir – Tarot Card Rock (2010)

  1. It’s funny you mention Bruce Springsteen because I remember listening to this album last year via an online stream and thinking that there was nothing here that wouldn’t be bettered by 90% of Springsteen’s records. After another listen I’d stand by that initial reaction.

    If I had to describe this album in one word I’d probably use plodding.

  2. I saw Barnaby Weir supporting Anika Moa recently at the Garden Club in Wellington. He’s a good enough guitar player but I didn’t like the way he sings his songs in an American accent. It just seems weird! Will give this album a go though.

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