Ben Folds Five – Whatever and Ever Amen

Ben Folds Five - Whatever and ever AmenKeith’s album of the month for December

What’s not to love? The cheesy harmonies? The cool tunes? The song about an old girlfriend nicking his old black T shirt and him wanting it back? The fact that there was only three of them in the band?

A song about the guy who had one too many leaving parties. One about sticking a finger to his old school bullies. All with a mostly angry (though sometimes quiet) piano. And NO guitar.

I remember picking this up when I was in San Fransisco on holiday one time – 1996 or 97 I think. It was really different from what I’d listened to before then. Probably the no guitar part!

Saw them play in Glasgow in The Arches – a gig underneath the train tracks of a railway station. Very very cool gig. They were so much fun.

I’m guessing you may all have this already, but give it another blast if you do. I did recently as it still stands up. If you don’t, then here’s your Christmas present. 🙂


One thought on “Ben Folds Five – Whatever and Ever Amen

  1. My best friend back in Connecticut has been trying to get me into Ben Folds Five for over a decade. He first tried by sendng me this album. And despite giving it repeated tries for over a decade, I was never able to jump on the bandwagon. I will say that he ultimately succeeded by urging me to listen to “The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner.” That album did it for me. Great stuff on that one.

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