Dawes – Nothing is Wrong (2011)

Dawes - Nothing is Wrong

Keith’s album of the month for February 2012

A new year and a new band for me. The Dawes. Not to be confused with The Doors. I like this lot much better (not difficult for me). What are they like? They’re a bit alt-country, a bit Californian sound, a bit Eagle-y (not usually a good thing) and according to Stu a bit like Greg Johnson – a Kiwi singer songwriter.

I knew nothing about this band but loved them the minute I put this album on for the first time. It got an immediate repeat play. And then about ten more in the first week. It most definitely is my cup of tea.

It’s hardly challenging listening. And maybe the lyrics aren’t quite Jarvis Cocker. But the sound is what I love – it kinda washes over you. And I do love the vocals too. In fact, I really love this album. So don’t say anything bad about it. ;o)


2 thoughts on “Dawes – Nothing is Wrong (2011)

  1. Perhaps my Greg Johnson comment was a bit harsh 🙂

    There’s definitely nothing to dislike about this album. As you say it washes over you very easily. Unfortunately there’s nothing on the album that got me too excited. It’s fine but I can’t see this being on heavy rotation for me. Sorry fella!

  2. I liked the album but probably won’t be on heavy rotation. I agree the vocals are strong – reminds me of The Wallflowers and Jacob Dylan.

    I quite liked the song When My Time Comes off their first album that was used for the Occupy Wallstreet movement concerts.

    Greg Johnson is harsh!!

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