The Maccabees – Given To The Wild (2012)

Probably the first new album (well new release) I’ve listened to / been bothered to get, of 2012. It has been a slow year so far so not a lot new stuff out there yet.

This is the third release from the Macabees. Their debut was 2007’s Colour It In, which I quite liked. I never bothered with their follow up, Wall Of Arms, so should also get that sometime.

Which brings me nicely to this album. I read somewhere that they are due to be one of the big bands of 2012 (probably NME knowing them). Listening to the album I’m sure they will be big at Festivals in the UK but probably not worldwide.

The main single of the album is Pelican, probably cos it is the most upbeat of the songs. Other stand out tracks are Heaven and Feel Free To Follow. I quite like the sound on this album. It has been mixed and produced quite well, so overall a good collection of songs.


One thought on “The Maccabees – Given To The Wild (2012)

  1. I didn’t really like their debut album too much to be honest. I found it a bit too try hard if that makes sense, and after reading two reviews (Pitchfork and The Guardian from memory) that completely slammed this new album I hadn’t even considered giving this a chance. But you know what, this was a pleasant surprise.

    It’s possibly been over-produced and polished to the point of losing some of the charm it could have had (dare I say that there are a couple of songs that had them sounding like a certain band fronted by Chris Martin!). But that probably just adds weight to your comment about them being big at the festivals this year Mork.

    All in all though…..a decent album.

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