James Vincent McMorrow – Early in The Morning (2011)

Since it was St Patrick’s day this week and I’m sure your all sick and tired of hearing the Pogues / U2 / Thin Lizzy every year, so I thought we’d have some alternative Irish music that you don’t get to hear too often.

I came across this guy (James Vincent McMorrow) at the beginning of the year and this album has grown and grown on me over the past couple of months.

I read a review comparing him to Bon Ivor, Crosby Still and Nash, and even Jeff Buckley so he’s got a lot to live up to. The album is quite balladry and easy to listen to but its his vocals are what really make this album a good listen for me.

The guy in from Malahide which is a seaside town on the outskirts of Dublin so he probably has a right to sing about sorrow and solitude and you know its from the heart. My favorite track is probably ‘And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop‘ but other stand out tracks include ‘The Old Dark Machine‘ and ‘Higher Love’ was the single released.

So what do you think? Did you stay away from an Irish bar on St Patrick’s day or where you singing dirty old town in the long hours?


One thought on “James Vincent McMorrow – Early in The Morning (2011)

  1. I haven’t heard of this guy before and for me this is half a good album. The half that sounds like Bon Iver \ Iron and Wine is pretty good. But then some of the tracks go a bit too ballady and end up sounding like James Morrisson…..not so good. However if this is his debut (I’m guessing it is) then not a bad start to build on.

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