Paddy Casey – Amen (So Be It) 1999

So the story goes…Paddy Casey was busking on the streets of Dublin when Sony’s A&R man walks past. He likes what he hears and asks him when he’s playing a gig. He gets himself a gig at a pub talent night and gets signed to the same label as U2!!

I’ve been a fan of Paddy for a while and have been to see him live a few times. I went to see him play when this album came out at King Tut’s in Glasgow and he had the crowd hanging off his every work.

This was his debut album back in 1999 and in my books remains his best. It’s over now is a great song at the end of the album and What Ever Gets You True was a sure crowd pleaser.

The follow up album to this, Living is also a good album but maybe writing songs about down and out times in Dublin hung better with him. I think the second time I seen him he opened for Dylan in Belfast and he was just at ease there as he was in King Tut’s.

Excellent live performer with a great voice…


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