Black Sabbath – Master of Reality (1971)

Black Sabbath - Master of RealityI never thought I’d be putting a Black Sabbath album on this blog. But I’ve just read the Ozzy autobiography I am Ozzy and it was very entertaining. He was wild in his teens, 20s, 30s. And his 40s. And 50s! It’s a great read and I’d thoroughly recommend it.

So I went back and listened to the first 3 Sabbath albums and surprised myself by loving them all. This is probably my pick. It’s very heavy, the production has held up pretty well and the songs are great. Ozzy’s singing is liveable with too.

I know Kerry loves this one but what about the rest of you? Any Sabbath fans out there?


2 thoughts on “Black Sabbath – Master of Reality (1971)

  1. I think anyone who loves music has to at least enjoy a wee bit of Sabbath. I don’t have this album so cheers Keef (although a couple of the tracks are on some of the various compilations I own of theirs).
    Warning…..I’ve realised that it is almost impossible to listen to Black Sabbath at work. Fighting the urge to nod my head in time with the music is just proving too much.

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