Beastie Boys – Sounds of Science (1999)

Beastie Boys - Sounds of ScienceDon’t you hate it when some pop star dies and people go out and buy their best of albums. You know the ones – Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and so on. Their albums shoot up the charts. Can’t stand that kind of behaviour!

So yeah, I never cared for the Beastie Boys at all. They were always that band who did Fight for you Right (a great song) and then somehow convinced everyone else that they were a real band, not just this joke that they so obviously were. And besides, I’m not into rap or hip hop.

Then a few weeks ago I heard that Adam Yauch had died when he was only 47. I read a couple of obituaries (such as this one in the Guardian) and somehow it struck a chord in me. He seemed like a really cool guy and pretty humble too. I also read an article about him in Real Groove magazine and it raved about their Sounds of Science compilation album. Naturally I decided to check it out.

Even more bizarrely I really love it. Not all of it – it’s a Best of, B-sides and rarities all thrown together over 2 cds, so there’s definitely a few duff tracks. But there’s a whole heap of great songs – Gratitude, Sure Shot, Sabotage, Shadrach, Hey Ladies, Intergalactic …. Their lyrics are clever and often pretty funny too.

Anybody else out there a Beasties fan? I never ever thought I’d be one. But for some reason I can’t stop listening to this at the mo. It’s definitely worth a try.


4 thoughts on “Beastie Boys – Sounds of Science (1999)

  1. Listening to it now.. Yeah! Just like Keith I think the only song I know is “Fight for your Right..” great choice Keith.

    • Cheers. So is no one else going to give me some grief about putting the Beastie Boys up? Stu – I thought you’d be the first one on the attack!

  2. Yeah….has taken me a wee while to get around to listening to this. I have to say though…..I could never listen to 42 Beastie Boys tracks in one sitting đŸ™‚
    I loved Intergalactic when it came out back in the 90s, possible more than Fight For Your Right. Singles aside though I don’t think I’ll be revisiting many of the tracks on this collection. Still, fair play Keef for uploading something a bit left field.
    In fact, Keef “The Wigga” Miller has a certain ring to it!

  3. Wouldn’t say I like the beastie boys or dislike them…would put them in the same bracket as Chemical Brothers, like the odd track but overall not really my cup of tea.

    Had a flat mate at uni who loved them so have heard a fair bit over the years. Sabotage is probably my favourite track and 3 MCs 1 DJ I remember liking at the time.

    Good to have something different on here though!!

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