Simple Minds – New Gold Dream 81/82/83/84 (1982)

Stu’s Album of the month for June

Being a child\teenager of the 80s and a proud Scotsman I guess I was always going to be a fan of Simple Minds. In fact many a night out in Annan was accompanied by beer-soaked renditions of Alive and Kicking. Ahhh….those halcyon days!

With New Gold Dream celebrating its 30th anniversary this year it seemed like a good choice as my album of the month. This is the re-mastered edition released in 2002.

For me this is possibly their finest album so enjoy (or not as the case may be)!


3 thoughts on “Simple Minds – New Gold Dream 81/82/83/84 (1982)

  1. Excellent! I’ve read a bit about the early Simple Minds recently and was thinking of getting their X5 box set (partly due to James Dean Bradfield from the Manics liking this stuff a lot too). Looking forward to hearing it.

  2. Listened to this quite a bit – yeah takes me back a couple of years! Reminded me of a dude I shared a room with at Uni who loved Simple Minds… he got me into Scottish band called Gun, who did an album called Gallus.

  3. Here in the States, the most we ever heard of Simple Minds was “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” (“The Breakfast Club” Soundtrack) and “Alive and Kicking” (“Once Upon a Time” album), which were both released well after this album came out. This is another fantastic classic that’s been called to my attention. I’m really enjoying listening to this.

    Great music never sounds dated.

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