Django Django (2012)

OK so it’s a pretty silly name for a band, but bear with me on this one. Anyone else apart from me like the Beta Band? I love the part in the film ‘High fidelity’ where John Cusack gives a huge plug to them.

Shame they disbanded a few years ago. But stick this album on and it’s like they were never away. Except it’s not them. There are connections though. They’re also from Edinburgh and Django Django’s lead singer is the brother of the Beta Band’s keyboardist.

So what do they sound like? It’s a wee bit weird and all over the place, but catchy as hell. A bit poppy but not really. A bit dancey but not so much. I dunno, just give a go!

Standout track – Default


2 thoughts on “Django Django (2012)

  1. I quite liked this album…was a fan of Beta Band – 3Ep’s and Hot Shots were good albums. Played it a few times now and although some times I think there are way to many instruments being played, songs are still good.

  2. Dunno why but this just isn’t doing it for me. It just conjours up images of Cuba st hipsters with pork pie hats at jaunty angles. And you know how I love those keef!
    Will keep listening though to see if it eventually strikes a chord.

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