Mystery Jets – Radlands (2012)

Have had this album for a while and over the past few months I’ve been listening to it more and more.

Think I read somewhere that when it came out this album didn’t get much press but has gradually been getting some credit and I’m sure doing the festival circuit this summer while get it some deserved attention.

Never really been a fan of Mystery Jets, I remember having one of their early albums, but seemed to miss the stuff they have been doing over the past few years.

My fav tracks on this album are Radlands, The Hale Bop, and Lost in Austin, but overall I think this one is a good all rounder. Nice and easy to listen to and some really good tracks on there.


2 thoughts on “Mystery Jets – Radlands (2012)

  1. Yeah. Some decent tracks on here but doesn’t make me feel as if I’ve missed out on too much but not owning a mystery jets album. Good road trip music I reckon.

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