Shearwater – Animal Joy (2012)

Stu’s Album of the month for August

I bought this record a few months ago and it is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine. Shearwater were formed by two members of Okkervil River, and although there are occasional hints of OR in here Shearwater are an all together different beast.

This is unbelievably their seventh release and the first I’d listened to. On the basis of this album I have listened to some of their back catalogue and like what I’m hearing. Having said that Animal Joy still stands out for me.

Stand out tracks for me are Animal Life, You As You Were and Star of the Age, although it’s a pretty solid album without any weak tracks. So what do you think?


One thought on “Shearwater – Animal Joy (2012)

  1. Oh, hells yeah! This is a great album. It’s quite earnest. I hadn’t read Stu’s review prior to hearing it, so I was very surprised to read that they’re an American band. They don’t sound at all like what’s all too common these days in the American Indie scene. In fact, the closest comparison I could come up with after listening to this is Powderfinger mixed with The National.

    Thanks for the suggestion, Stu. This one’s going into heavy rotation immediately.

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