Arcade Fire – The Suburbs (2010)

This one has been out for a couple of years now but I’ve only really got into it in the last month. Has been a slow burner for me. Listened to it a few times since it came out but then in the last month it’s been on constant rotation.

I’m not even that big an Arcade Fire fan. The first 2 albums are fairly good but this one really does it for me. It sounds like a complete album – one I like to listen to from start to finish and it feels wrong dipping in to the middle of it to hear a couple of tracks.

So I’m guessing a fair few of you have heard this and have your opinions on Arcade Fire. It’s time to unleash your comments now!


One thought on “Arcade Fire – The Suburbs (2010)

  1. I’m not a fan of Arcade Fire. I only have Funeral so thought I’d give this a whirl. One listen makes me think that this album isn’t going to change my view. I’ll have another couple of listens though before I completely write them off.

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