Echo & The Bunnymen – What Are You Going To Do With Your Life (1999)

Stu’s Album of the month for October

This album by The Bunnymen was released to mixed reviews back in the 90s. In fact it’s fair to say it got royally bagged by some critics. Unfairly so in my opinion. Although I’m not a huge Bunnymen fan this still continues to get a regular play. Ocean Rain would probably be my favourite album of theirs, but this is an altogether different listen.A more laid-back, mature and earnest album than most of their back catalogue.

Not bad for a bunch of dirty Scousers!


3 thoughts on “Echo & The Bunnymen – What Are You Going To Do With Your Life (1999)

  1. I LOVE this album. Got it when I came out. To be honest I don’t actually know any other Bunnymen albums at all. But this one is sooo good. Surprised we haven’t talked about this one before Stu.

    Mac’s voice is amazingly strong and the songs are too. Only 9 of them. That’s the only shame here. They probably thought ‘Yeah 9 great songs – that’s do nicely’. He’s such a bighead but sometimes you’ve gotta love the rockstar bigheads. šŸ™‚

    • I thought you’d be a fan of it for some reason. Perhaps its some of the Teenage Fanclub-esque melodies that made me think that šŸ™‚

      Give Ocean Rain a listen when you get a chance. Released in ’84 it’s definitely more raw than this album but interesting to hear how much they have changed over the years.

  2. Yeah it is a bit like the Fannies I guess. Never thought of that before. And you know how much I love …. ahem … Teenage Fanclub.

    Will give Ocean Rain another go. Got it knocking around somewhere.

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