Neil Young – Le Noise (2010)

I’m so excited …. and I just can’t hide it! Neil Young is coming to Wellington finally!! I’m a huge Neil Young fan. Been to see him a couple of times and got lots of his back catalogue.

At the Black Keys gig last week, was surprised when Keith and Stu said they weren’t huge fans of his and so I promised to put a couple of his album on here for them to try out…then he announced he is coming to Wellington – perfect timing!!

So this is a solo album in the ultimate sense as it is just Neil Young and his guitar, no backing band, no Crazy Horse, no Crosby, Still and Nash. There was a doco made at the same time he was touring this album called Neil Young’s Journey’s, and it is a perfect example of how passionate and great his live shows are.

My favorite track off this album is Love and War, its a masterpiece. Hitchhiker and Walk With Me are the other big songs on there. Check out his book as well, Waging Heavy Peace and you’ll see how this guy just keeps going and keeps changing, whether its Blues or country or grunge he just delivers everytime.


2 thoughts on “Neil Young – Le Noise (2010)

  1. Hmm…..the album title is accurate as there’s certainly a lot of noise on this album! There are a couple of decent tracks on there, in particular Peaceful Valley Boulevard, but if I’m being honest I can’t see this getting too much of a play in the future.

    It’s probably obvious but I’m a CSNY, Harvest, Rust Never Sleeps kinda Neil Young listener.

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