Queen (1973)

Rolling Stone in 1973 wrote, “There’s no doubt that this funky, energetic English quartet has all the tools they’ll need to lay claim to the Zep’s abdicated heavy-metal throne, and beyond that to become a truly influential force in the rock world. Their debut album is superb.

After seeing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_Night_of_Queen (which my friend from school plays the drums in) this week.  I was inspired to listen to early Queen.

Much heavier, and great to listen to an altogether different band from their later days.  Fave track at the moment:  Track 1:  Keep Yourself Alive

And an unfinished (at the time) demo of Seven Seas of Rye as the last track


4 thoughts on “Queen (1973)

  1. I hadn’t listened to Queen’s debut in its entirety so thanks for uploading! It’s amazing how different they sound to the 80s incarnation of Queen. Certainly a good listen although I think the over-the-top sound on Queen II probably still edges it for me.

  2. My first Queen album was “Queen II.” And being the adolescent sword and sorcery / fantasy dork that I was (sorry, am), I thought it was the greatest music I’d ever heard. I’ve been hooked ever since. There are still a few of their later albums that haven’t made their way to my collection. But “Queen” through “Hot Space” is musical milk to me.

    I agree with Stu: “Queen II” is superior to “Queen.” But that’s like saying Salma Hayek is superior to Charlize Theron. Thanks for posting this one, Dave.

  3. Never really been a big queen fan…more of a greatest hits type of listener…but I really liked this album. Something in there that I really liked so gonna have to get myself Queen II and have a Queen off (that doesn’t sound gay at all does it?).

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