More Unchartered Heights of Disgrace (1993)

The Dogs D’Amour who I saw on this tour in Glasgow in 1993.  One of the loudest gigs I’ve ever been to.

IMHO the best track is “More Unchartered Heights of Disgrace” which according to wikipedia wasn’t a single.


1 thought on “More Unchartered Heights of Disgrace (1993)

  1. In the late 80s and early 90s, the Dogs used to be one of my favourite bands. And no, I’m not kidding; I really loved them. Saw them play tiny venues – they were great. I think!

    By the time this album came out I’d kinda moved on. But I’d love to hear some of their earlier stuff again to see if I still like it / remember it. The albums In the Dynamite Jet Saloon, Errol Flynn and particularly the mini album A Graveyard of Empty Bottles were the ones for me.

    Scuzzy Brits who just wanted to be Hanoi Rocks / early Guns n Roses. They were never likely to make it big but I do think they had some decent tunes.

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