Dan Auerbach – Keep it Hid (2009)

Dan Auerbach - Keep it hidWas at a friend’s pizza evening the other night and someone there was playing an acoustic guitar and singing along. One of the songs she played sounded cool – she played it lots as she was trying to learn the lyrics for it.

Turned out it was Whispered Words from this album. She said the whole album was great so I duly picked it up. And you know what – it is!

It’s pretty different from his Black Keys stuff. Kinda acoustic but not really sometimes. Just a bit quieter. Songs are superb though.

Think you like this eh Stu?


2 thoughts on “Dan Auerbach – Keep it Hid (2009)

  1. Pizza partys and acoustic guitar singalongs? What kind of hipster, Cuba Mall dwelling, jaunty hat lifestyle are you living these days Keef ? Hehe….
    Yeah – I like this album. Had it for a wee while now and still gets a regular play. It could easily be referred to as “Black Keys-lite” but there’s more to it than that I reckon.

  2. Yep definitely a good piece of work here. I’ve had it a while as well but not really listened to it much lately…which is surprising since we just went to see them…but will definitely be getting so play over xmas.

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