Daves Top Albums for 2012


Happy New Year!!!

This has proven to be an exciting challenge; one which has made me clear out my iPod music collection.

Mainly seem to listen when:

  • Programming
  • Driving

And I’m found that I can now listen to music with lyrics in it while programming.

  1. Black Sabbath – Masters of Reality (thanks guys for putting me onto this awesome album!)
  2. Nirvana – Nevermind
  3. Muse – 2nd Law
  4. Buena Vista Social Club
  5. Green Day – American Idiot
  6. Queen – 1
  7. Liquid Tension Experiment – 2
  8. Weezer – Green Album

Looking forward to 2013 big time, and enjoying new (or new old) music!


One thought on “Daves Top Albums for 2012

  1. Nice one Dave. Glad to see that you got into the Sabbath album this year. I agree – it’s great!

    Good albums in there. Also nice to see that one of the albums on your list was actually released this year. šŸ˜‰

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