The Who – Live At Leeds (1970)

Stu’s Album of the month for January

I’m half way through Pete Townshend’s autobiography and although clearly a bit of a dick with many, many issues there can be no doubting his musical genius. How often is that the case.

Anyway, that along with the discussion recently around Led Zeppelin’s live album has prompted me to post what has to be one of the best live albums of all time. The Who in all of their raw, volatile, rock and roll glory. Crank that amp up to eleven and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “The Who – Live At Leeds (1970)

  1. Have you got the deluxe version which has Tommy Live? If not I’ll upload the 2nd CD…absolutely brilliant! A great band in their prime…every member performing out of their skin.

    In his book he says this wasn’t even the best gig they had recorded from that period and he destroyed a lot of the recordings.

    Coincidently I’d been thinking of my favourite live album (gotta couple) so will upload one this month as well.

    • Yeah. Defo upload that second CD as I only have the 1995 reissue. I’m tempted to splash out on the 40th anniversary 4xCD\1LP edition.

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