Mark’s Top 10 of 2012

FrontSorry to take my time 🙂 but I wanted to give them all a good listen before I made my mind up…Been a good year for music and 2013 will be a cracker I think!

10. Paul Weller – Sonik Kicks

Why is Sonic spelt with a K???? I just don’t know about this album…could easily be #1 or not on the list at all. I love Weller and I love the way he keeps moving but sometimes I’m not sure if I get it. Hated this album at first but played it quite a bit lately and its slowly worked its way into my bloodstream. Favourite Track: By The Waters

9. Bobby Womack – The Bravest Man In The Universe

Damon Albarn can’t do a lot wrong in my books (except Dr Dee…what was that all about for a debut solo album) and his production work on this album is tops. Great mix of tracks on this album and Womack’s vocals on this album are superb! Love the electro sounds coming together with soul influence. Favourite Track: Deep River

8. Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball

Bruce back to his swaggering best in my books. Fitting album for the times. Would loved to have seen the tour of this album but not to be. Favourite Track: We Take Care Of Our Own.

7. Alabama Shakes – Boys and Girls

One of my favourite new bands of 2012. Seen them on Jools Holland and the energy in their performance was that of a band who are playing songs they feel and have really felt the blues. Favourite Track: Hold On.

6. Norah Jones – Little Broken Hearts

Wow where did this one come from? Never been a fan of Norah Jones or all the celebrity name dropping but I really liked this album. Someone obviously really pissed her off cos the album is real dark and venomous. Produced by Dangermouse, there is definitely a femme fatale feel to it. Favourite Track: Out On The Road.

5. Dr John – Locked Down

Awesome blues record…Don’t think I need to say much else! Favourite Track: Getaway.

4. Mystery Jets – Radlands

This was released quite early on in 2012 and continued to get played a lot throughout the year. Got a real summer vibe to it so have been enjoying it a lot lately. Favourite Track: Radlands.

3. Jack White – Blunderbuss

Another blues album…But I think Jack White does blues really well in his own unique sound that he’s developed over the years. Another one I would to have liked to have caught live last year…I really like the idea of having two live bands for the one show, an all female band for the tender songs and an all male group for the heavier material. Favourite Track: Love Interruption.

1. Richard Hawley – Standing At The Sky’s Edge

I just couldn’t decided between my top two albums so I’ve made them equal first like a kids sports day. Probably a good reflection of the type of music I’ve been listening to – The dark / psychedelic Hawley and the poppy / indie of the Vaccines.

This album came out of nowhere for me…hadn’t really been into his music since Cole’s Corner. Hawley said the album was wrote on the back of the Torres getting into power in the UK and his resentment to their policies…works for me!! Favourite Track: She Brings The Sunlight.

1. Vaccines – Come Of Age

Another cracking album from the Vaccines and I think this would have been number 1 in its own right if Richard Hawley’s album hadn’t been soooo good. I listened to this a lot while running…probably replaced Whatever People Say I Am as a motivational album. Favourite Track: No Hope.

Just Missed Out: Muse, Lawrence Arabia, Gaz Coombes, First Aid Kit, Cloud Nothings, Graham Coxon, Band of Horses.

Most Disappointing Album: Tim Burgess

Favourite Gig: Gomez @ The Opera House

Most Anticipated 2013 Albums: Johnny Marr, Courteeners, Eels, BRMC.

New Bands to Lookout For: The Strypes and Palma Violets.


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