Van Morrison – It’s Too Late To Stop Now (1974)

Van Morrison - It's Too Late To Stop NowVan the Man!! I love Van Morrison and its not just because he’s Northern Irish…well not the only reason.

Most people that you talk to would probably quote Brown Eyed Girl as one of their favorite songs of all time…but I bet hardly any of them have heard any of his other work or own anything past a best of.

I’ve seen him live a couple of times and there is definitely an aura about him to add to the myth of the grumpy old sod act that goes on. Last time I seen him was at Stirling Castle and it was snowing down and the only time he spoke to the crowd was to introduce his band on the last song…but he had everyone dancing around and none of that provado really mattered cos the music just did the talking.

This is one of my favourite live albums ever (probably alongside Live at Leeds), and shows a true musically genius at the height of his career. Recorded in 1974 over a couple of nights across LA, Santa Monica and London with an 11-piece band, this album not only captures how Morrison brings a group of musicians tightly together but highlights how strong his songs are.

From the opening Bluesy Ain’t Nothing You can Do, through to the funky I’ve Been Working So Hard and the crooning Cyprus Avenue, this album has it all. Caravan is probably my favourite Morrison song on here though…and I’m glad Brown Eyed Girl isn’t on there!!

Whats your best live albums?


One thought on “Van Morrison – It’s Too Late To Stop Now (1974)

  1. This is my first Van Morrison album. Yes, that’s right. Despite his unquestioned place among the greats, I never got into him. I hope after this shocking admission, I don’t lose my honorary Northern Irish citizenship.

    This is an awesome live album. I completely understand why it’s always listed on any Best Live Albums list. It showcases how unique and powerful his voice and songwriting is. And like you, Mark, I’m also impressed with how tight his backing band is. I can only imagine what seeing them live is like.

    Favorite live album? That title goes to “Frampton Comes Alive!” (1976).

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