Divine Fits “A Thing Called Divine Fits” (2012)

As Stu recently noted, there’s been some great music released in 2013. But I’m still digging myself out of 2012. And given my love for the band Spoon, I am deeply ashamed to have only begun listening to Divine Fits last week. In case you don’t know (you probably do), Divine Fits is a supergroup of members from Spoon, Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs, and New Bomb Turks. Pretty impressive resumes all around, no?

This is classic 1980’s synth-rock. Anyone who doesn’t hear Debbie Harry, Ric Ocasek, and Giorgio Moroder in these eleven tracks doesn’t know anything about that era. But there’s also plenty of new musical ore to mine here. It’s fresh yet familiar all at once.

It would shock me if this album hasn’t been, or won’t be, in this group’s rotation. And if not, then I’ve clearly overestimated your taste.

The gauntlet’s been thrown! It’s on!


4 thoughts on “Divine Fits “A Thing Called Divine Fits” (2012)

  1. I’d never heard of Divine Fits. I initially assumed it was a Kiwi band – partly due to the Fits part (Straightjacket Fits is an old Kiwi band) and cos the album cover is so awful. Put me right off!

    However, I too love Spoon. And so am giving this one a try as I type. Sounds bloody good. So cheers Manny. Many repeat listens beckon.

    So many other new albums to listen to at the mo too. Vampire Weekend, Phosphorescent, Mikal Cronin, Menomena, Jim James, Frank Ocean and loads and loads more. Tis great!

  2. I hadn’t heard of Divine Fits, and having only listened to Spoon a few times I wasn’t sure what to make of this. In fact when I read the “classic 1980s synth rock” comment I expected to really dislike this. Boo to 95% of 80s music 🙂

    However, as it happens this is a really enjoyable listen. There are a couple of tracks that were perhaps a bit overly 80s synthy but on the whole a pleasant and easy listen. Good upload Manny!

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