The Cars “Candy-O” (1979)

Manny’s Album of the month for May

Now that I’m obsessed with Divine Fits, I decided to listen to one of their most obvious influencers. The Cars were pioneers, and were able to eventually profit handsomely from their geeky interpretation of punk and electronica. This, their second album, still sounds fantastic. There are absolutely no duds; every song is great. 

This album holds a special significance for me. It is the first record I ever purchased independently. That means I bought them with my own paper route money, with no help from my family or influence from friends. I discovered this band completely on my own, most likely after hearing “Let’s Go” on the radio. I’ve been a fan of their catalog ever since.

I will have to ask some of my twenty-something friends to listen to this album. I’ll be very curious to hear whether they too appreciate its brilliance. For this gang here, it’s a given that this one’s a winner, right?


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