Sarah Blasko – I awake (2012)

Sarah Blasko - I awakeSarah Blasko isn’t a new name to me. Must’ve heard of her a few years ago. Aussie singer songwriter. Might be good, but never got around to listening to her.

A couple of weeks ago a friend said that she saw her in Melbourne and that she was amazing. Time for Mr Spotify to come into play. Very quickly I realised that this is very much up my street.

Initial comparison I had (still do) is Lykke Li – the Swedish lass I posted about last year. Her voice and the production is very similar. There’s big, booming drums, fairly sparse with the odd strings thrown in. All good, but it’s her voice that really gets me.

Am now in the process of getting her older albums too. I’ve a feeling they’ll be good too.

Tracks to listen to if you only listen to a couple: All of me, I awake


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