White Lies “Big TV” (2013)

Though this arrived at my doorstep last night, I feel like I’ve been listening to it for 30 years. White Lies’ second album, “Ritual,” was my favorite album of 2011. This album is different from that one, as well as its predecessor. It has the band moving away from Post Punk and planting their flag squarely with the New Wave camp. You don’t have to listen closely to hear echoes of Ultravox, Flock of Seagulls, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, even The Cars. It’s all there. What does this mean? It means the 14-year old inside of Manny has been in bliss for the past 18 hours.

As Stu already noted, it’s been a good year for albums from established acts. Add this one to the list.

Best Tracks: the sequence from Track 7 (!) through 10 is simply glorious.


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