The Phoenix Foundation – Fandango (2013)

I promised Manny I’d upload this album as I thought he may enjoy it, so here it is.

After the first couple of listens I thought this was over indulgent and, to be honest, a bit of a disappointing release by the mighty Phoenix Foundation. However, after further listening it is really growing on me. Yes, it is indulgent in parts (none more so than with Friendly Society that clocks in at a huge 17.41 minutes….no need), and yes it sounds like a playlist of bands that have inspired TPF, but despite that I think it is a worthy addition to their back catalogue.


One thought on “The Phoenix Foundation – Fandango (2013)

  1. Have to say I was sooooooo dispointed by this album. Had a listen again yesterday and didn’t change my mind. Just seemed way off track compared to the last two albums and the number of times we’ve seen them live.

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