Deap Vally – Sistrionix (2013)


My farewell monthly album review is the mighty Deap Vally who are a bit Zepellin’y and definitely White Stripes’y.   I first heard them whilst passing a festival in Lewes (where I’m moving to next week), and they really do sound like this live.  Mental, loud and heaps of energy.  We tried to get into the festival, but totally sold out… so ‘chatted’ to security guards whilst watching this band.

“The female due formed in LA after guitarist/howler Lindsey Troy took a crocheting class taught by drummer Julie Edwards”!!!!

My favourite track is number 2:  Baby I Call Hell.

Keep up the great album reviews, and I’ll listen to them on Spotify.

If I find any new great albums, I’ll be sure to get in touch.. and maybe try to write as eloquently as all of you.


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