My Bloody Valentine “m b v” (2013)

“Just…yeah. This is good. Really, really good. Like, oh MAN! This is the greatest album ever!”

Like a direct injection of musical heroin right into my earhole, this album makes my eyes roll back into my skull as the band’s characteristic reverb and dirty feedback wash over my head. I’m not a good enough writer to describe how good these songs sound to me. My fingers have been rendered dumb.

What is astounding to me is how, after twenty two years — twenty two years! — Kevin Shields & Co. released an album almost equal in quality to “Loveless.” But they did. My appreciation of this will only grow over time. So far, it is my favorite record of this decade. And I can see it staying at #1 by the end of it. I cannot recommend this enough.

I need another hit…excuse me…

Update: According to Stu, this is MBV’s target demographic:



One thought on “My Bloody Valentine “m b v” (2013)

  1. After your glowing review I really wanted to enjoy this album. I tried my friend, I really did. Alas, no. After two listens I could take no more. I just don’t get it. My ears only hear the music of a moping teenager, staring down at his badly scuffed Doctor Marten boots as he flicks his head to remove his wayward fringe from his eyes.

    In fact…….yes, that’s it……the Goth Kids from South Park would love this album.

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