UNKLE – Psyence Fiction (1998)

Stu’s Album of the month for December

I’ve been listening to a lot of electronica, synthpop and techno this year. Perhaps this is my personal mutiny against the manner in which some guitar music has been bastardised by the modern “X-Factor Idol Has Got Talent On Ice” society. Saying that I’ve always been a bit of a techno freak at heart.

I remember absolutely hammering this album when it came out in 1998. Admittedly it was the Indie heavy contribution from Richard Ashcroft, Badly Drawn Boy, Thom Yorke and Ian Brown that initially drew me to this record. However, the mix of electronic trip-hop and Alternative Rock samples make this album a winner for me, and it still sounds fresh and new 15 years on.

Stand Out tracks : Bloodstain, Lonely Soul and Be There.


4 thoughts on “UNKLE – Psyence Fiction (1998)

  1. I was never able to get into these guys. Unfortunately, I can’t say a re-visit improved their standing, even with so many excellent guest appearances. What’s even sadder? I personally knew one of the members of U.N.K.L.E.: Josh Davis, aka DJ Shadow. In fact, he bought my turntables after I retired from DJing. A nicer guy, you could not meet. Small world, huh?

    With that, I do like Ian Brown’s contribution.

    • Great story fella! Oddly enough I’ve never really got into DJ Shadow’s output. No doubting the man’s talent for producing some timeless tracks though.

      Seems baffling to me that the Ian Brown track was only released on the UK release as a bonus track. To my Madchester-loving ears this is the strongest of the album. You Yanks were clearly deemed not worthy enough……

      • You have been feeding me Ian Brown’s music for a long time. Every time a new album was pushed my way, I’d love it. He’s phenomenal. I’ll never understand why he wasn’t more popular stateside.

  2. Love this album. Remember when it came out that it had everyone I was into at the time guesting…Richard Ashcroft, Brown, Tom Yorke, Badly Drawn Boy. Really like the follow up…Never Never Land as well.

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