James – Hey Ma (2008)

Stu’s Album of the month for January

When Tim Booth left the band in 2001 I feared that was it for one of my favourite bands of the 90s. However, after not releasing an album for nearly 8 years, James burst back onto the scene with this record in 2008. “Laid” will always be the high-water mark for me, but with Hey Ma they released an album worthy of sitting alongside their late 80s and 90s finest.

“Waterfall” is just classic James.


One thought on “James – Hey Ma (2008)

  1. I love James so obviously like the album….This is probably their last great collection of song (I really didn’t get the night before the morning after stuff) and sits up there with Seven and Laid. James weren’t really James without Tim Booth’s voice!

    Whiplash is still my favourite James album. I see they have a new release scheduled for mid year so will be interesting where they go with it. The Very Best of James is the greatest greatest hits album of all time!

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