The Jeevas – Cowboys and Indians (2003)


People can be divided on Crispian Mills…Some say genius…some say annoying fecker.

I was a huge Kula Shaker fan and quite like the Jeevas too despite them only lasting two albums before he reformed Kula Shaker.

I went to see them on this tour and they were awesome live as well. The first album was probably more like Kula Shaker with this album more of a homage to american culture.

I remember at the time How Much Do You Suck? and the Master of War cover were big at my uni for the anti-bush war at the time.

My favourite track is probably Rio Grande at the end of the album. I like to sing it to Annabel to get her to sleep 🙂



One thought on “The Jeevas – Cowboys and Indians (2003)

  1. I think he’d definitely fall into my “annoying fecker” category. No doubting that Kula Shaker released some really good singles, and having seen them live 3 times I’d say they generally put on a good show (apart from one show in Edinburgh that had Crispian throw a tantrum and leave the stage). However, I felt they never managed to release a truly great album.

    As for The Jeevas……Pass 😉

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