The Proclaimers – Sunshine On Leith (1988)

Stu’s Album of the month for March

OK……I’m no doubt setting myself up for a few pelters here but what the hell. The Mighty Brothers Reid of Edinburgh have been producing Scottish Folk\Pop\Country tunes for over 30 years now, and this is correctly attributed as being their best album. I realise they aren’t exactly the coolest cats in town, but they certainly know how to produce a catchy pop song. It’s easy to write them off as being nothing more than merchants of music for the masses but I genuinely think they are excellent song-writers and lyricists. No really……

Of course the opening track, and unofficial Scottish national anthem, is the big hit, but for me that’s just the start of what is a cracking wee album. The title track of Sunshine on Leith is simply beautiful. I challenge you to listen to this album in its entirety and come away feeling anything other than uplifted, sunny and generally happier than you were 46 minutes prior.

Oh, and did I mention they were from Edinburgh?


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