Steely Dan “Gaucho” (1980)

Manuel’s Album of the Month for April

I’m an audiophile. As good as a band’s music can be, if their albums sound like crap, they lose major points with me (hear that, early Muse?). Steely Dan’s recording philosophy ensured you felt as if you were in the studio as each album was being made. Theirs are some of the best-sounding recordings you will ever come across. Although most of the credit for this goes to the overly-obsessive Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, their sound engineer Roger Nichols should also receive an equal amount of praise. I suppose he has over the years — he won eight Grammies for sound engineering over his career.

Earlier this year I acquired a pair of Sennheiser HD800s, and recently built a DIY headphone amp to complement it. Listening to albums like “Gaucho” on my new rig has been an absolute pleasure. Repeated listens of this classic compelled me to make this my April Album of the Month.

Stu will be visiting in a couple of weeks. Hopefully he’ll listen to this album on my setup and then comment on this post, even if he doesn’t like Steely Dan. Mork and Keef, what do you think of SD and “Gaucho?”


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