Mogwai – Mr Beast (2006)

Stu’s Album of the month for AprilMr_beast_cover[1]

It has always surprised me how successful Mogwai have been despite; a)Their complex and anti-mainstream approach to music, and b)Their oddly chosen band name. Either way there is no arguing against the fact that these boys from Glasgow are a talented bunch.

I once had a conversation with a mate where we discussed “when is the prime time to listen to a Mogwai album”. Unfortunately it was a rather fruitless discussion but the following situations were tabled; whilst reading, traveling on a train, cycling to work, eating a pot noodle whilst hungover……. We simply couldn’t come up with the perfect situation. And in a way that’s the beauty of Mogwai. They cannot be pigeon-holed. Every album is a different and complex journey through dramatic and hypnotic landscapes. However, Mr.Beast is probably their most accessible record.

So what do you chaps make of Mogwai?


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