Royal Blood – Royal Blood (2014)

Stu’s Album of the Month for September

I was watching the recent T in The Park 2014 Friday night coverage and enjoying acts I’d tuned in for such as Manics, Biffy Clyro and Chvrches…….but wasn’t quite expecting a band I’d never heard of to eclipse them all. Two guys, one drumkit, and…..wait…..a bass Guitar? The noise was epic.

So the influences are all there to hear. Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zeppelin and White Stripes to name a few. Having said that these guys bring new blood to a long line of rock royalty. If you haven’t heard this album yet, stop what you are doing and listen.

I was so excited to hear that these guys were touring in November and were playing The ABC in Glasgow. Less excited when their entire UK tour sold out in 90 seconds. Biffy Clyro are selling out stadiums in the UK at the moment, these guys are sure to be next.   



2 thoughts on “Royal Blood – Royal Blood (2014)

  1. Yep it’s a great album alright Stu. Just saw them tonight in Wellie and they were great. Little Monster was the first song that I heard on the radio and got me interested.

    No encores which I approve of too. If you have a chance to see them then definitely go. Shame you weren’t here as you could’ve had a free ticket too.

  2. Wow. Jealous! I would love to see them live. They are supporting Foo Fighters on their summer tour, but to see them in a smaller venue would be great.

    They are playing Barrowlands in Glasgow in a few weeks. Obviously sold out in minutes, but am still holding on to the slim hope that I can grab tickets from somewhere! Unlikely………

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